Surveillance & C4ISR

TaSM’s current Surveillance & C4ISR projects focus on the following areas, but we are always looking to expand into new offerings:

      Aerostat Logistics & Maintenance Support

TaSM provides logistics and maintenance support for aerostat systems located both CONUS and OCONUS. This comprises the ability to stand up new warehouses as well as supporting continuing operations. TaSM brings years of logistics management experience to bear on these operations, to include managing Government property and demand management of inventory levels. The TaSM maintenance concept consists of user (aerostat operators) and field level (Field Service Representatives or FSR’s) maintenance, as well as depot level maintenance of system assets and the refurbishment to like-new condition and return to customer stock. TaSM insures that all maintenance personnel are fully qualified and trained for their position, and are provided with the necessary tools and equipment. Our depot level maintainers all have operations experience, in addition to being maintainers – this helps to insure that all systems are returned to a like new condition and will work in the field as they are supposed to.

Aerostat Operations Support

TaSM provides trained and knowledgeable aerostat operations personnel both CONUS and OCONUS. Our experienced deployment cell is proficient at deploying personnel around the world, often under severe time constraints, and our operations management insures that all deployed personnel receive the support that field personnel require. Our operations personnel have multiple years of experience performing site setup, operations, and demobilization of aerostat assets, often in harsh and remote locations. From our pool of nearly 200 operators, TaSM can insure that the right team is assembled for any location and mission, they are fully outfitted, trained and ready to deploy in just a matter of weeks.