Technology Development

TaSM's current Technology Development focuses on the following areas, although we are adding new projects as our customers' needs change:


Antenna Development

Innovative research into high gain, compact, lightweight antennas, passive and active.  Working to provide new antenna solutions that work within space weight and power constraints for small and medium sized unmanned aircraft communications and radar requirements.

Embedded Communications Development

Under this area, TaSM focuses on the development of embedded communications systems and/or system components suitable for man portable type applications. The types of communication systems will cover Line of Sight (LOS), Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and Ultra-wide Band (UWB) and will be capable different types of data throughputs depending on the customer requirements. The systems components will cover the development of various power amplifiers, block converters, and system controllers capable for increasing communications LOS, BLOS, and UWB links.  Providing the ability to shift frequencies to provide the ability to operate in a difficult spectral space where different communication links interfere with each other. These types of developments provide the customers with flexibility to use the same system for different frequencies applications all with ruggedized, flexible antennas that will keep working during the demands of tactical operations in applications ranging from unmanned systems to U.S. Army vehicle modernization requirements.

Sensors Development

Under this area, the TaSM focuses on the sensors and/or sensors components development, concentrating on communication type sensors such as unattended ground nodes and direction finding systems. All the development under this area will be concentration on man portable solutions requiring small, light-weight, low power systems development.

The system components will include the development low power and light weight power supplies capable of long (over 8 hours) operations, signal processing for direction finding and geo-location algorithms, and wide band communications receivers development.

Firmware and Software

As part of each development, whether it is communications systems, sensors, or others, the implementation of firmware and software is essential. Firmware implementation spans Digital Signal processors (DSPs), FPGAS, and/or microprocessors and is an essential part of every hardware development. Firmware provides controls of various hardware parts enabling proper functioning of hardware parts. Software implementation will address user interfaces and will reside on different hardware platforms spanning from small portable Windows based-computers through cell phones.


TaSM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and registered company. The company has implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for corporate processes and services. The company is preparing its manufacturing processes for ISO 9001 certification.