Technology and Supply Management LLC (TaSM) is a Small Business. Our primary customers include the United States Military as well as other public and private sector organizations. Currently, we have contracts to support the United States Army and United States Naval Air Systems Command, along with several other private and public organizations. 

Our goal and promise at TaSM is to provide excellent customer service in order to enable our customers to fulfill their duties. 

TaSM has outstanding credentials and expertise in the procurement of both military and commercial items. This is based on years of experience in the Space and Defense industry and life support and maintenance industry in the Middle East. 

We provided Logistics support including transportation services to the United States Military such as the United States Navy, United States Army, and Industry Partners. 

Our Supply Management includes: planning/demand forecasting, sourcing/procurement, freight/warehousing, delivery/returns, and customer inventory management. 

Currently deployed overseas, TaSM is providing Mission Commanders, Pilots, Payload Technicians, UAV technicians, Aerostat Technicians and operators and Field Support Representatives (FSRs) for our customers. 

TaSM's current technology projects focus on the following three areas: Embedded communications development, sensors development, and also firmware and software. 

The technology developments of embedded communications development focuses on the advancement of embedded communications systems and/or system components suitable for man portable applications. 

The technology development that includes the sensors advancement focuses on the sensors and/or sensor components which, is concentrating on communication type sensors. 

The technology development that includes firmware that will provide the controls of various hardware parts enabling proper functioning of hardware parts.